New Beader Info

Are you a new beader?

Want to learn a new technique?

We have many classes to introduce a variety of different beading skills:

  • For a basic stringing class that introduces confident crimping or bead tip closures, choose “Crimping 101.”
  • To learn to make a simple loop with wire and be introduced to the essential wire tools, take our “Earring Workshop” (required prerequisite for most beading projects that include wire.)
  • Next step, learn to make a secure wrapped loop with wire in “Multi-Metal Fringe Earrings.”
  • Learn how to include cabochons and crystal stones in “Cabochon in Beaded Kumihimo,” “Asymmetrical Captured Cabochon,” and “Crazy for Daisy Pendant.”
  • We offer a variety of different bead stitching classes:
    • Want to try your hand at the loom, spend some time with “Basic Loom” and “Sleepus Interuptus.”
    • To learn Peyote stitch, consider “Flat Peyote Bracelet.”
    • And continue on your off-loom weaving adventure in “Allure Bracelet.”
    • Always wanted to learn Right-Angle weave? Check out “RAW Beauty” for a good, basic primer and “Wrap and RAW” to integrate wrapping too.
    • “Crystal Encrusted Cross” is a beautiful way to learn 3-dimensional stitching.
    • Have some fun with braiding in “Shamballa Bracelet,” “Wrap-It-Up,” and “Wrap and RAW.”
  • Always wanted to try Metal Working? Take a look at “Metal Stamping 101″ and “Tree of Life.”

There are many beginner-appropriate classes offered (even though they may not look “beginner”) and classes that you can take to expand on your newly learned skills. Join the fun; you too can make beautiful jewelry with beautiful beads! Questions? Please ask us, we would love to help guide you!